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Building Solutions that carry R&D to it's goal

With years of experience, business acumen and our networks we provide to our customers a truly best-fit solution, that matches the needs of the project and the organization. 
Our solutions and qualified providers stretch across the development lifecycle, from pre-clinical to late phase, resourcing solutions as well as access to top advisors, KOLs and much more.

Best Fit Solutions for BIOTECH: Services
Best Fit Solutions for BIOTECH: Image

Identifying key locations for regulatory strategies - scientific advice, approval - as well as patient populations and FIH Phase I units. We match these also with local providers and create sound budgets to forward clinical development.

Global Insight for Feasibility

Expertise, Location and Know-how

Union Development leverages its Global network of providers to evaluate the Best-Fit at a stage appropriate level of cost and operational activities, tools and expertise in our coordinated RFI & RFP rounds.

Comparable budgets and project proposals empower informed decisions and create transparency to select partners and functions that hold true value to the project. 


Transparency & Decision making power


There is a lot of chemistry in the industry and the teams we create are a part of that. We ensure that the project teams and discussions prior to selection are not only based on cost, but also on the person-to-person ability to work as a solid team.

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